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30th September 2014

Spring has arrived and I love Day light saving

Our first weekend down in Taupo for months even the weather couldn’t stop the excitement for me .Walks and two days of just Aman and I with the only company being two beautiful Tui’s in our Kowhai tree.

Monday back at work refreshed and ready to start our interviewing process for next years students. This year’s result with our year two students has once again has been incredible and they graduate with a farewell luncheon 24th October. Great young people, who have worked hard to achieve their goals.

After all these years it still gives me great pleasure to be involved in the training of the up and coming future hairdressers in our industry.

Aren’t I one of the lucky ones being in a industry over 40 years and still loving it

29th September 2014


Patricks Hairdressing School is interviewing now for our 2015 Hairdressing Courses – Certificate in Pre Trade Hairdressing Level 3 (first year) and Certificate in Hairdressing Level 4 (second year).

Both courses are full time and fully approved for student loans and allowances.

The next interview date is Wednesday 1st October 2014, Patricks Hairdressing School level 1, 285 Barton Street, Hamilton.

If you or anyone you know would like to apply for one of our courses please go to To attend the interview please contact the office 07 856 6397.

For more information click on link

Please note applicants must be at least 16 years of age and have the approval or your parent / legal guardian.

3rd June 2014

What a week end.

Spend it in Taupo with lots of relaxing and time to day dream.

Real perfect winter’s days sunny and no wind the lake like a mirror the mountain steaming away the most magnificent sunset on Sunday night.

Made me realize aren’t we so lucky to be able to appreciate such things.

The ability to make choices about how we live how we have the chance to take action and do what can make us really happy.

Lets all remember we make our own choices how we react to what happens to us by actions out of our control.

28 May 2014

Great result with our staff training session with Schwarzkopf last Monday.

The comment that said the most was how excited she was to know how simple things make such big differences.

Simple methods of colouring and simple methods in cutting angles made such huge and awesome results.

Isn’t that just like life some of the most simple things done or said make the most powerful changes in our life’s.

Let’s keep it GREAT and SIMPLE ..

19 May 2014

Today the whole staff in training with Schwarzkopf here at our training school, Barton Street, Hamilton.

Really appreciate that they give up their Monday to continue learning.

Isn’t life like that always the chance to learn and improve our selves?

Hope I never stop the ability to be able to learn.

Life does not make it easy for some but to help keep our mind active we must continue learning each and every day.

18 May 2014

If this is what the winter is going to be like bring it on!

This is the kind of weather I love crisp cold in the early mornings, bright clear warm days and then back to the chilly evenings.

Brought out the winter clothing including hats and scarves and what’s left ”’ bloody hat hair. “

What with me growing my hair not only looking a mess in the morning and now when take my hat off?

Need the girls to suggest the right hair product to keep the winter hair at bay….

4th March 2014

Funny how going back to basic’s, is sometimes, so good for us

A great week for me……Firstly taught in my school for the first time in ages helping the second year students with their hair cutting and long hair work.

Great to make sure the basic requirements are met to meet their outcomes. It really stimulated me and my work in the salon the following two days benefited from it.

Even getting a text from a long standing client (30) years saying she loved her new hair cut was a buzz! Such a positive feeling to be involved in making changes in clients lives.

I Love my career.

Autumn is here and so the time to think about changes in all areas of our lives.

Both at home in the Garden and the foods we start to think about cooking.

At work its time to really think about the changes we can think about introducing to our clients for the up-coming winter season.

Often it is only subtle changes that are required but often it’s those small changes that make huge differences.

I love change and am in the throes of growing my own hair for a new look.

Will let you know how it’s going and when the change is made.

26th February 2014


20th February 2014 Oh my goodness its already happening the mornings are getting darker which I guess means Autumn is on its way!

The new year is well on its way and OOPS my weight has not come off……..?

So today is the day! I’m taking action about my weight by having my first consultation with a personal trainer.

Can blame the moonboot for only so long, watch this space .

Autumn also means we start thinking about the for coming winter season and how fashion will be changing .

What are we doing with our wardrobe? (bloody hell have to fit what is in there yet) and of course for us hairdressers what’s happening what’s new on the hair front.

Change is good for all of us so let’s keep an open mind to change and make 2014 an exciting HAIR year.

Here is a link to get your inspired for the up and coming season
hope you enjoy.

12th February 2014

Wow this year is under way alright!d

I have just been blown away that we have two students in our second year class that have both received an evidence in one of their cutting units Think it’s the earliest anyone has achieved this . Well done Allie Pollock and Rawiri Tamihana looking like great hairdressers of the future.

Have been laughing like crazy as I’m never one to read my stars in the paper but this week they all been about getting a balance between work and personal life - NOT a problem for me as we all know lol. Love my time out and love my work.

Halberg awards night tomorrow and I’m looking forward to the best of the best being acknowledged for their commitment to their chosen sport as I love anything that recognises effort and talent .

Heard a wonderful piece of advice given to a young 14 year old Talent only makes up 15% of results the rest is your hard work .Awesome advice hears to all our 15% talent and the rest is up to us.

11 Febuary 2014

Had a great email doing the rounds sent to me about negative people and it was based around a visit to the hairdresser (thanks Karen) l loved it! Which brings me to my only New Year’s resolution which was to make sure I stayed away from negative people and negative events / situations.

Unfortunately our press gives all the negative people and events the platform in which they thrive .

Wouldn’t it be great to just once or twice pick up the paper or listen to the news and just hear positive stories.

It’s so far working for me surrounding myself with people that add value to my life and make the fun side of life more important.

On the personal side to continue building my relationship s with those that mean something to me and add value .

This year it’s all about great new things in business learning , creating and teaching really making a difference for those working and training with us and of course that being passed on to our clients .

07 Febuary 2014

Just finished my business training planner for this year and I’m really excited about how the year is looking!

Kate McPherson who is our Technical Trainer for the Patricks group and I have booked sixteen days of training which is based mostly in Auckland. We will attend and then it will be our responsibility to bring these new training techniques and knowledge back to our team.

We as a group will also attend out INDUSTRY Expo in Auckland (late March) and then Kowhai and I will head over to Sydney Australia for the Annual Hair Expo for Australasia.. No we are not letting Kowhai loose in the salon (colouring and cutting) ha ha we will also be looking at new management systems and leaving the hairdressing to me. Expo is a great opportunity to see the latest the hairdressing industry has to offer as well as network with other salons and salon owners.

Yep, 2014 is definitely all about opportunities and what you make of them!

06 Febuary 2014

Back on deck after the summer break and I know that 2014 is going to be a great year!

For me 2013 was a very mixed up year with my goal of combining Real Estate and hairdressing being shelved -so it was upwards and onwards as I go into my 40th year of business!

Bloody hell what an awesome career I have had so far. I am really looking forward to this challenging year by getting heavily involved in the training (hair) aspects of PATRICKS both with the salon staff and the Year two students (Certificate in Hairdressing Level 4).

This year is about constantly looking at my own personal and business core values and living up to my own expectations without losing sight of one of my core values – to have fun! So fun it will be and 2014 here I come!

12 September 2013

Oh my goodness – what a gadget! Or is it?

Gadgets in my life have always been a weakness. Things that were used once or twice and then left hidden away gathering dust.

Not so with our new MIRACURL. It is definitely more than a gadget – it is awesome!

I saw what it could do and yes had to have one for our Training School and Salon.

So what exactly does this MIRACURL do you may ask…? Well, It’s a revolutionary new way to create beautiful curls.

The hair is simply drawn a chamber where it is held and heated and upon release free flowing curls. We have had great reports already from clients so ask our team when you are next in the salon.

18 August 2013

Along with the changes to our new Glenview Salon I have decided to be based only at my Hillcrest Salon. I am have started working in Hillcrest on Tuesdays in addition to full day Thursdays and half day Fridays.

Our Glenview Salon has become a total EXPRESS salon offering low-cost hairdressing with no appointments necessary phone 07 8437888 to see Toni or Cheyenne.

25 July 2013

Its nearly over four months in my new home and I am loving it! I’m happy to report that It recently stood the test when I hosted a group of 18 for a degustation dinner to celebrate Basil’s 50th birthday.

Tony Skinner of Garden Graphix has been around to measure etc and I am now eagerly awaiting to see what he has designed.

Summer and Christmas coming up and I love both of them!!! BBQ’s and drinks in my outside area and three open homes for Christmas as a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s . A way I can put my Christmas madness to a great cause. Tickets available at the Office and Hillcrest Salon.

3rd July 2013

Your HAIR……….What is it to you?

What does it have to do for you to be happy with it?

How much time are you prepared to invest in this process?.

Is your hair just hanging there attached to your head BUT offering no more than warmth during these winter months.

Or is it helping you make a statement about the person you are or would like to be???

Yes it winter but that’s a great time to look and say yes it’s time for a change. Along with layering our clothes what about some layering of colour with chocolate colours coppers and the wonderful reds.

Be as bold as you dear or subtle as you like It’s your choice

Whether it’s a full head bold statement of change or just some highlights in the top section that just give your NEW hairstyle the extra punch it needs the choice is yours at

PATRICKS – Hillcrest 07 856 6397 or Glenview 07 843 7888.

27th June 2013

patricks professional development

As a team we travelled in a pack of twelve to the Re-launch of a Schwarzkopf colour range held at Britomart Country Club 17 June. It was a glitzy night and a great venue displaying some of the new colours available in the range. Very excited about the developments to the products which will be available in our Hillcrest Salon mid-late August 2013….watch this space

20 June 2013

Watch out and be prepared the old boy’s creative juices are working over time. Myself and ten members of my team were in Auckland for the launch of our new colour Igora range and its awesome.

I have been in bed the last three days and had plenty of time to think about how exciting it is for us as hairdressers and the benefits it’s going to have for our clients can’t wait for it to arrive.

Letting you all in advance we are in for some great results. Thanks to Jennifer Morgan of Morgan and Morgan Takapuna and Schwarzkopf for the exciting launch

12th of June 2013

It’s crazy but such a long time has passed since I last updated my blog.

I can tell you all its been a fun filled time with me shifting into my new home.

I am loving its eight colours and eight wallpapers with the exterior being black white and red.

Just like me a bit of this and that -don’t want to ever be called boring.

As winter sets in its time for layering up with jackets and scarf’s and a visit to the Annual Fielday’s, so great for the Waikato.

Poor me my fav pair of shoes had to head to shoe heaven they were no longer water tight I need a good pair of gum boots band and no not pink ones.

Bring on the snow and cold I LOVE it .Time in Taupo with lots of mull wine sounds great.

22nd of May 2013

Forty years of making Waikato women beautiful


26th of March 2013

Oh thank goodness it’s over! My brain still hurts!

I have just completed the four weeks intensive study required for my Real Estate License and am nearly ready to apply for it. Yes it was demanding but oh so good for me. I felt challenged and totally overwhelmed at times but to have finished and completed all in the given timeframe was awesome!

Looking forward, I am so excited about combining my two passions – Hairdressing and Real Estate – watch this space!

22nd of March 2013

The show may be over but………………….!!!

What a credit to all involved including my own team of hairdressers led by Sean Archer and Lisa Hermes and the students of my training school.

Fourteen shows of fast, slick full on non-stop action. Along with twenty guests on opening night I had a BLAST! Flash backs to hairstyles and clothes from the 60’s and of course the music I tried to sing to (yes OK only in the shower or in the car by myself).

But HELLO….it’s all back in style just in a new form! br/>

14th of February 2013

The saying a ‘reason, season or a lifetime’ has really hit home…..!

Bas not only my ‘bro’ but also a great friend has introduced me to lot’s people that have influenced my life including Kramer, Anna and their little two year old angel- Mereana. Hell - this little girl has a lot of people aware of how great life is, she has undergone two major surgery’s to remove tumors from the brain.

In light of what is happening to little Mereana …I question….

Why do I ever moan about slow traffic or red lights!?

Why have I been so worried about the pigeon droppings on my car!?

Why do some people make a mountain out of a mole hill!?

I want this little girl to be part of the web of my lifetime, her to have a ‘first day at school’, have her heart broken by the eight year boy in her class, for her Dad to have the opportunity to tell her first boyfriend ‘have her home at ……or I’ll meet you at the gate with a shotgun”….. I want to hear all of these stories. Please send positive thoughts to Mereana, for Mereana and all her whanau.

22nd of January 2013

How can it be that its nearly the end of January 2013

Where did this last month go like all things that happened in the past it’s not that time has flown by but rather dam near rocketed by.

We had a wonderful Xmas eve with 14 of us sitting around the table enjoying all the wonderful food and toasting to what 2012 meant to us and what we hoped 13 would bring . Always the time to be grateful.

Basil and I had the prividge to be asked to a wedding in Sydney on the 10th of January of a young man who we hosted as part of the Rugby World Cup .We had been told we were like a second family and it really showed from the time of arrival till the day we left .Great ocassion and a wonderful chance for the brother and I to have time to talk the ..... over a few beers while avoiding the heat wave . That was our excuse and we are sticking to it

Now home and we are all on deck again for work an exciting year ahead. My house has really started floor has been poured and the first of the framing arrived on site yesterday yyyyyyyyyou will no doubt hear alot more about the process of me building as I experience this venture of my life

Lets make the most of 2013 .

7th December 2012

Where do the weeks go? ………………… The saying time fly’s as a youngster seemed so bloody silly………we all have the same number of hours in a day and let me tell you for me no way did my time at school fly by.
Now the days can become a blur as one week rolls into the next and this last week was no exception!
I have had the most amazing endorsements of what life really means for me this week in three ways.

Firstly a young man I have met and been helping though a rough patch in his life has indeed returned the learning from the old saying “those that teach or help someone else receive the most benefits” and I have.

Secondly - that the love of family helps keep life grounded. Kristie my step daughter and Nixon my Grandson spend Saturday and Sunday with me in Taupo and although nothing special was done or even said I know that for me having the two girls in my life has been the most enriching experience and something that will never change.

Then to top off my week on Tuesday night we had the group of advisors that help Kowhai and I with business and staff development together to discuss the achievements this year. The meeting was so positive! This positivity blew me away and we all agreed that the press were driving us crazy with their doom and gloom attitudes but we were not going to be a part of it! Just goes to show you that the saying is true about surrounding yourself with positive people to gain positive results!

So here we are with only a few weeks left in the year and I along with all the other positive thinking people are going to make the most of what’s left in 2012 and utilize these weeks to set up what’s going to be…….. an AWESOME 2013

29th November 2012

YIPPEE its Christmas time again!

But oh no….. I’m in a transit home and most, well at least 80 % of my Christmas decorations are in big containers in the garage. Along with most of my accessories that are waiting for my new home. They are very hard to get at. So this year only a few things have been got out and will have their annual showing. I will miss doing the big over the top Christmas décor and not one of my five trees will be going up. I will miss all that goes with that including the people who think I am mad. Not once have I disagreed with them because I think I just may be. I do have to say it will be very easy come the New Year not to be doing the pack down and storage. I will still do my normal Christmas Eve entertaining of family and friends and have started looking at all the Xmas food ideas that are in all the magazines out this time of year. While we are busy at this time of year its always great to share how, what and why people do their methods of celebrations. I am constantly looking for new ideas so please if you have any you would like to share let me know.

YIPPEE its Christmas time again well maybe I could spend a day sorting out the garage and get all the decorations out ……………………..I can hear all my Santa’s clapping their hands.

20th November 2012

Well I never thought a staff do could be so much fun!........................

Our Christmas function (10th Nov) with a twist. No one knew what we were doing only that they needed running shoes, togs and warm clothing. Off we set 9am Saturday morning. Yip that’s right no work for anyone that day. Outside of Taupo Quad bike riding two hours of nervous tension and adrenalin pumping through the veins . Just awesome and all staff did it of course some better than others but loads of laughs for everybody.

Then a quick trip to holiday home, dump gear food etc linen thrown at everybody and a 20 min turnaround and off to the next activity. A 36 foot boat Bravdo I had booked earlier with Nick - the skipper for 3 hours . A few drinks…more than two and everybody just relaxed out. We viewed the Maori carvings on the edge of the lake – they are just awesome! And although the fishing just “didn’t happen” eleven of the fifteen on board went swimming. Some longer than others I was in only for enough time to be considered wet.

That night included a team effort to prepare dinner which was great fun!

The next day after “get yourself” breakie we did the tourist thing at Huka Falls and then LAVA glass blowing. So demanding yet creative at the same time then off to the Aratiatia dam - the mixture of nature and mankind working together truly powerful viewing .

All in all not only a great weekend to celebrate my birthday but an awesome team bonding LOVE THEM!!!!

13 November 2012

What came next once again gave my values a shake up. Since my last blog there have been two things that have given my values a shake up. Both I can say were mostly positive.

Our school graduation. Everybody there supporting a family or friend graduating as a successful student of 2012 – such a positive atmosphere! I was really proud and moved by the creative abilities shown from both the first and second year students and on top of that……so dam excited with the results of 100% pass rate topped off with all second year students gaining employment within the industry.

My second thing… the saying a reason, a season or a lifetime.
Oh how that saying is so true with the people that we meet in our lives. I have had difficulty finding my own inner strength and accepting that although you may want someone to be in your life for a ‘lifetime’ this may not meet their needs. Then also to have the courage to walk away from someone who you care for but know they add no value to your life e.g. your own personal core values.

Are you the same? I question myself ….”do I need this form of learning curve…..?”

31 October 2012

I question myself …”Do my daily actions reflect what my ‘core values’ are”?

I have come to learn…..

You cannot be grateful and bitter in the same mind space

You cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time
You cannot be grateful and be without hope when thinking of your future
You cannot be grateful and unloving with your partner at the same time

What’s wrong with us? 80% of us should be GRATEFUL!

While I am so grateful for all the things I have in my life I often question ‘why do I do the things that I do”?

Why do I want a fulfilling relationship with a life partner?
Why is it that I want people in my life to make more meaningful choices in their life?

Life goes by so fast and the question often springs to mind…………….what’s next…?

25th October 2012

Wow what a weekend and what a difference a few weeks can make! Those Aussies gave us some big lessons to learn didn’t they? But no matter what I’m still proud to be a Kiwi and can forget about losing to those buggersJ

The long weekend has got me thinking - what the hell has happened to NZ? It doesn’t seem all that long ago long weekends were about family times, getting away and getting back to basics. Yet, I’m sure that most people would have heard their families moaning about being bored! What is it? They don’t have all the bells and whistles? What happened to card games, monopoly, scrabble or walking in the rain?

On a positive note though, after spending a big chunk of time up at Waikato A & E I can most definitely say that we have a service to be proud of! From cleaning staff with big hello's and smiles through to the professional support staff and Doctors they were nothing less than amazing!

Yes, my soap box definitely came out over the weekend. It’s not very often that I agree with Matt McCarten. But his article about bargain shopping and shopping at cost in the weekend paper was great! There has most definitely been a demise of our family downtime and the number of local communities and businesses where people knew our name and employed people from within our small communities. Yes we have traded it for weekends of bargain hunting in the enormous impersonal “Malls” and huge shed shopping .What kind of price are we paying in the long term I ask you? Is it a choice between “family time” and personal contact or shopping for that “great bargain” and good old fast food!?? I know what I think …….

At Patrick’s, we don’t open over long weekend and now you know why.

16 October 2012

Oh my goodness Saturday was enlightening for me, in the most positive way!

No matter what side of the fence their political views were, Parliamentarians – females playing netball (with two male ring-ins and one of them getting player of the day) and then the male counterparts playing rugby provided us with an awesome , fun and a little bit of cheating thrown in to raise Awareness for Alzheimer’s Waikato. The netball was played at Hamilton Girls High with both and netball and… hoops used to score goals. I won’t let you know which Parliamentarian was responsible for starting this bad habit. As for the rugby …....the eldest player was 64…what an awesome achievement an almost as good as our home team Waikato holding on to the shield. Hey, cheers to the Waikato celebrities that formed a loosely described team as opposition but won comfortably (though only one point difference in the netball game).
When all said and done, no matter who or what we are we will all pull together for a good cause!
Yet another reason why I’m most definitely a proud Kiwi!

Hey! If you don’t know me, I’m Patrick and thanks for checking out our website!

Anyone that knows me, knows just how passionate I can get about things with the phrase “watch out Patrick’s on his soapbox again!” being all too familiar!

I’m passionate about NZ in general, provincial sports teams, young people achieving and .........still passionate about my industry after 40 years!

Help is required with my tennis, my golf and stepping out of my comfort this space as I blog my way into 2013......